Betty and I were nearing the end of the writing process, and I felt that we needed one more chapter, something about her adopted daughter. I knew the story of […]

In the flurry of a long weekend, I flew to Seattle and interviewed Betty for fifteen to twenty hours. Everything was recorded except the parts where she told me to […]

I need to back up. Over the years certain “experiences” had come to me regarding the other side. Sometimes they were dreams, sometimes random understandings, sometimes unusual sights that left […]

A few months after beginning his new company, the investor called a few friends who also had an interest in publishing, for some reason, and they formed a new company, […]

Starting with Aspen Books Six years passed from my leaving Randall to when I was invited to join Aspen. During that time I wrote The Invisible Saint, which has a […]

While pursuing my degree over those 18 arduous years, I had been obliged to work from time to time. After mastering the craft of janitorial work, I applied for, and […]

“Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years.” —LL Cool J As I write this I am 64 years old. I have known highs and lows few people ever […]